Помощь Национальной детской специализированной больнице «Охматдет»

Компания ГАНЗА-ФЛЕКС выделяет 200 000 грн для восстановления Национальной детской специализированной больницы "Охматдет", которая пострадала от российского ракетного обстрела 08.07.2024.

Просим присоединиться к сбору средств!


*Ссылка ведет на официальные реквизиты благотворительного фонда "Охматдет - здоровое детство"


HANSA-FLEX LLC expresses our sincere condolences to the families of the killed and injured victims and all the staff of the National Children's Hospital "Okhmatdyt!

The tragedy has touched us all and we must do everything possible to support children and to restore hope for healthy and happy life for all children and their families!

The National Children's Hospital "Okhmatdyt" is the largest children's hospital in Ukraine, where doctors of the highest category have been saving seriously ill children from all over Ukraine and Europe since 1894: cancer patients, children with kidney failure, those who needed bone marrow transplants, etc. The hospital's work did not stop even for a minute, even during the war! Children, injured during the war, were treated here. The youngest wounded patient was 1 month old!

The destruction of the Okhmatdyt hospital is not only a tragedy for the children who were treated there on 08.07.2024, but also a terrible loss of hope for a healthy future for thousands of other children, and we must all return this hope together!

HANSA-FLEX company transfers funds to the National Children's Hospital "Ohmatdyt", which suffered from a missile attack on 08.07.2024, and invites all those who care to join in!


*The link leads to the official direct bank details of Charitable Foundation "Ohmatdit - is healthy childhood"